The InterActive for Life Project

What is the IA4L Project?

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Dr. Rebecca J. Lloyd and Dr. Stephen Smith discuss the project.

The Inter-Active for Life Project Episode 1:

Inter-Active salsa with two-time World Champion Salsa Dancer, Anya Katsevman

The Inter-Active for Life Project Episode 2:

Inter-Active tap dance with professional tap dancer and artistic director, Heather Cornell



The Inter-Active for Life Project Episode 3:

Inter-Active equestrian arts with professional horse trainer, clinician, and equestrian arts performer, Paul Dufresne.

The Inter-Active for Life Project Episode 4:

Inter-Active Partner Tai-Chi: Yang Style Taijiquan Push Hands with Master Sam Masich of Masich Internal Arts.


What are your favourite Inter-Activities? How might we begin to bring these inter-activities into the physical education classroom?

We’ve developed a template for orienting to inter-activities. Use this Inter-Activity Template to plan a lesson around your favourite inter-activity! We’d love to see what kinds of inter-activities you’re bringing into the classroom.

Get the template HERE