Phase 1: Learning from Experts in Partnered Physical Activities

Six world class experts are featured in a series of mini documentary videos and academic articles that were created to help us better understand the qualitative dynamics of becoming InterActive for Life.

The InterActive for Life Project Episode 1:

InterActive salsa with two-time World Champion Salsa Dancer, Anya Katsevman.

Anya Katsevman, two-time world salsa champion and recipient of over twenty international and world titles in ballroom, is also a coach and choreographer for eight world salsa champions. She judges international competitions, designs costumes, and has performed in touring shows such as “Burn the Floor” on Broadway and ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.”

The InterActive for Life Project Episode 2:

InterActive tap dance with professional tap dancer and artistic director, Heather Cornell.

Heather Cornell is a tap dancer, choreographer, and the co-founder of Manhattan Tap. She was born in Ontario, Canada. At the age of four she began her training in tap, ballet, and jazz. After attending university to study modern dance and moving to NYC, she co-founded Manhattan Tap in 1986, a jazz tap ensemble. Her practice has been described as, “a relaxed and low-keyed style of rhythm tap that is musically sophisticated and deliciously languid, indolent and dazzling at the same time” (Library of Congress).

The InterActive for Life Project Episode 3:

InterActive Equestrian Arts with professional horse trainer, clinician, and equestrian arts performer, Paul Dufresne.

Paul Dufresne, clinician and horse trainer, winner of numerous National Equestrian championships over the past 20 years, is a featured performer at Horse Shows and Equestrian Expositions across Canada. He calls his disciplines Circensic Dressage (a combination of Classical Dressage and Trick Training), Reining which involves Vaquera and Western styles, and Liberty Training horses to perform in large spectator arenas. 

The InterActive for Life Project Episode 4:

InterActive Partner Tai-Chi: Yang Style Taijiquan Push Hands with Master Sam Masich of Masich Internal Arts.

Master Sam Masich, distinguished as one of the “100 Extraordinary Chinese Martial Arts Practitioners” in the world by the International Wushu Sanshoudao Association, is a certified eighth degree master and full-time instructor of the Yang-Style Taijiquan. Sam Masich has earned many gold medals in national and international level competitions. He is also a certified competition judge and has officiated in North America and China. 

The InterActive for Life Project Episode 5:

InterActive Partner Yoga: AcroYoga with Jessica Goldberg and Eugene Poku.

Eugene Poku and Jessica Goldberg are the founders of AcroYoga and directors of AcroYogaMontréal. They met in 1982 at a dance school called “5678” in Montreal, the city in which they currently reside, and have performed together ever since. The unique fusion of dance, acrobatics, martial arts, contortion, mask word, object manipulation and audience participation featured in their performances and workshops and provided a basis for turning to Ashtanga Yoga in 2004 and the subsequent development of AcroYoga which they now teach all over the world. 

The InterActive for Life Project Episode 6:

“InterActive Salsa Rhythms and Soul Connections” with Adriano Ieropoli and Samantha Scali.

Adriano Ieropoli and Samantha Scali are five-time world champions of Salsa, and they are owners of Novaera Productions.

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