Function 2 Flow | Phenomenology & Practice Journal IHSRC 2016 special issue – Call for Article Submissions
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Phenomenology & Practice Journal IHSRC 2016 special issue – Call for Article Submissions

Special Issue: “Life Phenomenology: Movement, Affect and Language”.

This is a call for papers in the planning of a special issue of Phenomenology & Practice that aligns with the International Human Science Research Conference (IHSRC) 2016. The theme of this year’s conference is “Life Phenomenology: Movement, Affect & Language.”

Prospective authors are encouraged to consider how movement, affect and language become articulations of life-enhancing phenomena in ways that may be inspired by the following prompting questions: How might phenomenology allow us to recognize a primacy of movement and open us fully to the motions and gestures of the lifeworld of daily living? Alternatively, what are the appearances of nature, environment, ecology, technology and virtual worlds that privilege certain animations? What are the affects and effects of an enhanced phenomenological sensitivity? What senses, feelings, emotions and moods of self-affirmation and responsiveness to others sustain us in our daily lives? To what extent might the descriptive, invocative, provocative language of phenomenology infuse the human sciences and engender a language for speaking directly of life?

This call inspires a radicalization of phenomenological research, suggesting conceptual and methodological pathways for the fullest expression of life. Papers may be 5000-8000 words in length; we ask prospective authors to consult the guidelines for Phenomenology and Practice. Send submissions to Phenomenology & Practice email: or to the guest editor Rebecca Lloyd by November 30th, 2016.